As mentioned above, Shehzaan and Zainab strongly encourage their guests to replace any gift giving with a donation to AKF in celebration of their wedding below OR to actually join them with your check at the Nikkah ceremony so that everyone can partake in blessings from Mukhi Saheb at the time of giving. 

Aga Khan Foundation

Thanks for taking the time to watch this video. We just wanted to share a little bit about why our wedding is a little different from the norm and why we only have one event to invite everyone to – the Nikkah.

It was about a year ago when we were getting started on our wedding planning. We went to see a bunch of hotels to reserve the venues, we were contacting vendors and starting to hire them for our events. That is when we collectively decided to donate all the money we were going to spend to an organization that helps the under privileged kids around the world.

Most of us go through life wanting the next best thing, and we are guilty of it ourselves. Whether its having the nicest and latest phone or a car nicer than the one parked next to us or a wedding bigger than the one before it. Think about it… these things consume huge financial resources over time and such a large part of our thought process when we have people around the world suffering from the most degrading state of poverty imaginable.

They don’t have clean drinking water. They don’t have healthcare. They don’t have education. They don’t have solid roof over their head when its raining hard or freezing cold. They don’t have transportation. They don’t have ready made food. They don’t have clothes. Sometimes all they have in countries within Asia and Africa is warfare and despair. Its so sad to see malnutrition take over the lives of so many leaving them in states of desperation and hopelessness. You look at some of these pictures and videos and these children literally have bones permeating their skin.

Many of us will never experience anything close to this in our lives but for Shehzaan & I we strongly feel to whom much is given, much is expected. So we found a moment in our life which we could give to the thought of others – in this case what would otherwise have been a grand wedding. One of Hazar Imam’s most memorable lines in a Farman is “The question is, not only what have I achieved, the question is what have I helped others to achieve? That is the notion of social conscience…”

And we decided to do this through the Aga Khan Foundation because we have come to see all the good work this top-rated charity does not only for Ismaili Muslims but for humanity at large whether its building a sustainable community in Egypt with the Al-Azhar Park or the Primary school built in West Africa. AKF is a foundation connected with several other notables ones from the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation to the Coca-Cola foundation and more importantly 100% of resources go to the objective of alleviating global poverty which sealed the deal for Zainab and myself.

After reading this and seeing some of the videos below that inspired us, we humbly request that if you are planning on getting a gift for our wedding, please spend that money to make an AKF donation. And tell us… come find Zainab or me and tell us “hey we were going to get so and so for you but we saw your video and made a donation instead” and that moment will give us the most happiness as we start our lives together. We look forward to having your blessings with us on December 26th in Duluth Jamat Khana, 4475 River Green Parkway
Duluth, GA 30096