So it was 6 years ago when I started talking to Zainab and I just couldn’t get enough of her. I would check my Facebook every 5 minutes throughout the day waiting on her to respond. And when she did, I would contemplate for 20 minutes what I needed to say to make sure it was perfect. She always had me trying to be at my best.

As many know, I met this beautiful bride in Jamatkhana where I should have been praying but I was calculating… I was calculating how to tell her how gushingly gorgeous her eyes and smile were…. I was calculating how I should tell her I wanted to hug her, kiss her, marry her, everything all in that one second… I was calculating how I should take her on a date considering she had said no to me three times in a row because her family was a bit on the traditional side…. I kept calculating until God brought us together and that is when my faith in God was reaffirmed that I could undeservedly get such an amazing girl to spend the rest of my life with.

For the last six years, we have had our fair share of ups and downs as in any relationship but her love, sincerity and compassion has always been the driver in bringing us together stronger than before. She was sweet and lovely from the start and her heart is absolutely the purest of anyone I know. She always cared about others before looking in the mirror at what she wanted for herself… Always…. whether it was giving a homeless person whatever she had in her purse or giving up the one thing every Indian girl looks forward to – a big grand wedding – in the interest of helping people she has never seen or heard from.

Beyond the compassionate side to her, I think one of my favorite qualities about Zainab is that she is easy going. Any restaurant, any vacation, any gift, anything can bring a smile on her face and I absolute LOVE that about her.  My second favorite characteristic of hers is how inspirational she is… not by her words but by her actions. She raises the standard of being the best person I can be.

I can’t wait till she finishes studying for her dental hygiene degree at GRU, which was always her dream school. And I can’t wait to take her to Australia one day, which has always been her dream place to visit.