Ideas for a ‘never-to-forget’ proposal for Zainab had started growing in Shehzaan’s mind a year before he actually proposed. A proposal this incredible of course needed some major time to plan. After all, Zainab had told him to go big or go home! Knowing that Zainab is a huge fan of Ellen DeGeneres while Shehzaan had no clue who she was, he started to do some research. He wanted to see if he could get tickets to the show and possibly pop the question there. After much research, it was clear that this was not going to be easy. But Shehzaan is not one to give up so easily. He started writing numerous emails, and mailed countless letters to the Ellen show to get their attention to let him propose to Zainab on her show. He was also using his contacts from work to see if they could help him out with the tickets. With all the letters, emails and business contacts networking, it was finally here! Ellen’s show called and wanted to offer tickets to Shehzaan to let him come and propose to Zainab. He surprised her by taking her to LA, all the while she was thinking they were going to Ohio. Her brother and a friend were there to surprise and share the happy occasion. The proposal was then aired on TV.